Pre-order & Deposit


We offer a pre-order service for our customers where they can book items, that are due for release at a future date.

**For pre-order items, buyers have the option to pay the full amount of the item or a small non-refundable deposit. **

The full payment of a pre-order is not required until the item is in stock with us and ready to post.



Deposits are as stated, non-refundable; the exception to this being where an item is cancelled from production, delayed significantly past the point of other UK online retailers stocking them or where a significant increase in price has been applied. Please see below for details on cancellations and delays to pre-orders as well as pre-order price changes. When a pre-order is made on an item, it is ordered in specifically for the buyer and prioritised.



Cancellation of a pre-order must be communicated to us within 14 days of placing the order.

15-30 days after placing a pre-order: If a buyer chooses the deposit only option when pre-ordering, pre-orders cancelled after 14 days will regrettably be subject to a forfeit of the Non-Refundable deposit. If a buyer chooses to pay the full cost of the item when pre-ordering and wishes to cancel the pre-order, only the value of the Non-Refundable deposit will be forfeited. 

30+ days after placing a pre-order: Pre-Orders cancelled after 30 days of placing the order will only be offered store credit for the remaining balance for any payments made above the Non-refundable deposit value of the item(s) pre-ordered.



When pre-ordered items arrive in stock, we will send an invoice via email for the outstanding balance to the billing email address specified at the time of purchase. The outstanding balance is required within 14 days of the request date. Please contact us immediately with any issues or changes to email and accounts.

If no contact has been received within 14 days of the request date, the pre-order will be canceled, and the non-refundable deposit will be forfeited.



Deposits cannot be transferred between items unless in exceptional circumstances. Please contact us if you believe this to be the case. 




If a pre-ordered item is cancelled by either our suppliers or the manufacturer, the full amount or deposit placed will be refunded in full or full store credit offered if this is not possible for any reason. 

Estimated dates for arrival of pre-order items are often frustratingly subject to change and delay; we do our best to update the estimated dates of arrival on each listed item where possible, if you would like an update on the status of a pre-order that has seen delay already, please contact us.

We will continue to honour the pre-order agreement until the item arrives in stock. We ask our customers to remain patient, however, if an item has been delayed by more than 20 weeks and the buyer has an option to source it elsewhere from a named online retailer within the UK. Then pre-order payments or deposits will be refunded in full if requested or full store credit offered where this is not possible. 



We prioritise our pre-order customers on arrival of stock before listing an item as available on our website/ other selling platforms or social media. 

In rare circumstances, we may only receive a partial allocation of an item that has been available for pre-order. In these cases, we prioritise on a first come first served basis; if you would like to know your queue placement for a pre-order please contact us. If subsequent allocations of the item are cancelled or severely delayed, please refer to the delays section above.